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Our list management solutions effectively enhance advertiser's revenue while simultaneously generating and maintaining customer loyalty through our unique communication opportunities. Click Promise focuses on delivering honest results that perform as promised. You can count on Click Promise to do what's best for your organization while you enjoy growing monthly revenues. We specialize in data from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and many parts of Europe.

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How it works

  1. An opt-in lead is generated by you and your partners and posted to Click Promises' EmailNet via FTP or Post.
  2. An opt-in lead is validated and checked for duplication before being prepared for mailing.
  3. Click Promises' reporting interface controls the stats, privacy, unsubscribe, payouts and tracking.
  4. Click Promise selects the best performing offers using best practices for email marketing solutions.
  5. Revenue Generated from email marketing and split 50/50 less minor mailing fees. Average revenue on List Management is 50k per 1 million records per month
  6. Payment is secured from merchants and issued on collected and validated funds resulting from Email List Management.

What We Do

As part of our list management services, you get a dedicated account manager who will ensure that your records are kept safe and secure. Our managers scrub and segment lists on a regular basis to target those who will be most receptive to your message(s).

Why List Management?

If you are generating on-site registrations, why let your email database sit idle while everyone else profits from those same email records? Let us create a brand for your email customer base and cross market relevant offers to your list — so you can start seeing real results.

List Management Services

The Click Promise team manages email databases for website owners acquiring large volumes of on-site registrations across a diverse range of categories. Targeted advertising messages are 100% permission based. We only work with selective, site registration data. Our primary focus is "optimized mailing" — less quantity mailed, greater response.

Our Technology

  • We deliver superior mail infrastructure that offers visibility into delivery results. This increased visibility allows for better dialogue with ISPs and helps re-enforce our right to market your consumers.
  • We built our operations to handle and respond to reputation, customer feedback and bounce management, providing relevant content for targeted messages, and advanced sending platforms built on differentiated sending and authentication by ISP.
  • We actively whitelist clients across ISPs with the help of leaders in email authentication standards & reputation.

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