Affiliate network

Click Promise offers an affiliate network called Click Promise Pro that delivers results to its advertisers and publishers. We drive results by using pre-selected publishers looking for higher earnings per click and matching them with advertisers who want to work with them. Our performance managers work with each campaign to ensure that every offer is ready before they "go live" for members to run. With our reliable tracking system, both advertisers and publishers have full visibility of the traffic, creative, and campaigns delivered through the Click Promise Pro network.

What is your campaign missing?

Perhaps, the right affiliate network - like Click Promise!

Why choose us?


You pay only for the actual customers or leads delivered at or below your desired cost of acquisition to ensure a positive return on investment.


We are the only network on the web that actually charges publishers to be a part of our network. We believe that the right publisher linked to the right offer brings real success. Our affiliate marketing network of publishers work on both a CPA (cost-per-action) and CPL (cost-per-lead) basis. You can specify the online media channels where you'd like your ads to appear and more.


Click Promise Pro delivers high volume publishers across a wide range of verticals including: education, travel, insurance, mobile, health & beauty, gaming, weight loss, finance, dating and more.