About Click Promise

Click Promise is an email marketing and list management company with a performance network that delivers results to individual advertisers and publishers as well as businesses. When we say we are a community, we mean in all ways. Click Promise is only as good as the people who join, and we take the membership criteria very seriously to assure that our qualifying members are happy! Click Promise believes in a mutually beneficial relationship between all our members.

Email Marketing and List Management

Our "Click Promise" is unique to the industry that we serve. In short, we offer clients a guarantee unlike any other. We promise you clicks from real people who actually saw a real email. For our email marketing and list management services, we drive results through making sure your emails are distributed to a highly targeted list showing recent engagement.

Performance Network

Publishers undergo a rigorous process and are experts in their field. Only pre-selected publishers looking for high earnings per click are part of our performance network. Carefully selected offers are presented to hand-picked high traffic publishers to produce measurable results. When you join the Click Promise Pro network, you are joining a community of Internet marketing pros and established writers who all want the same thing -- results!

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